Specializing in small animal medicine and surgery

We are a full service clinic offering you complete health care for your cat or dog.  We are there to guide you through the fun, yet sometimes challenging, puppy and kitten stages, as well as the emotional senior years. We feel honoured to have your trust.

We also perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, ranging from spays and neuters to lump removals. With most surgical procedures, your pet is able to go home the same day. This is possible because we use Isoflurane as our gaseous anesthetic. Isoflurane has been widely used in human hospitals for many years and has proven to have a high level of safety.

We have our own in-house pharmacy, thus providing your pet with the appropriate medication as soon as the doctor prescribes it.

All of our anesthetic patients are treated individually according to any ongoing health problems.  They are monitored carefully throughout the anesthetic process, including measuring their ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and temperature.

Anaesthetic Monitering
ECG is routinely used for monitoring your pet’s heart function while they are under general anesthetic.  Also, it is used in the diagnosis of certain heart conditions. We also measure pulse oximetery, external blood pressure, temperature and respiratory rate while your pet is asleep in our care.

On Site Diagnostic Testing
Our in-house chemistry and CBC analyzers allow for immediate results to various blood tests, leading to early diagnosis and treatment for your pet. We are pleased to have a new-and-improved chemistry machine in 2016, with better accuracy and a wider range of diagnostic capabilities.

Our hospital has a modern digital radiography suite, so you can be sure that you’re getting an accurate and quick image, reducing stress on your pet and  ensuring an accurate diagnosis.

Ultrasound delivers a moving image of your pet’s internal organs, which helps diagnose any abnormalities that are hard to see on radiographs.

Dental care in our pets is becoming increasingly important as poor dental health is known to lead to a variety of major diseases including heart, liver and kidney disease. The procedure is the same as in humans except your pet undergoes a general anesthetic, in order to perform a thorough cleaning. Veterinary Q & A: Dental Care For Pets

Nutrition, behavior, heartworm and parasite control are just some of the issues that our staff can provide you with a multitude of information on.

Trained specialists are found in many areas of veterinary medicine. If your pet has a complex problem we do not hesitate to consult with and if necessary, refer you to take advantage of this high level of training.