The Scientific Truth About Food By-Products

They sound scary, less than healthy, and certainly not something your beloved pet should have in it’s food dish. By-products? Rejects? The truth, however, goes further than the name. At Mission Creek Animal Hospital, we only recommend quality, research-based diets that are proven to meet the needs of our patients. The name “By-Products” is a

The Benefits of Dental Cleaning


Just like humans, our furry friends benefit from regular dental exams and cleaning. Plaque and tartar buildup over time in our pet’s mouths, harboring dangerous bacteria that can impact the pet’s lifespan. Without treatment, bacteria from diseased teeth can travel into the bloodstream and damage the pet’s heart, liver and kidneys. On top of all

Benefits of preventative Bloodwork

We realize how important your dog or cat is to you and we are advocates for preventative health care.  Annual exams can certainly help us assess the general well being of your pet, but a physical exam is only one part of being able to diagnose and hopefully prevent long term health concerns.  Some diseases can

Taking Care of Our Old Friends

  As pets age, they fall susceptible to many of the same age-related diseases that we do.  The most common signs of aging are stiffness and pain, along with loss of vision and hearing.  Although it can be difficult to acknowledge that our pets are getting up in years, there are things we can do for them

It’s Getting Cold Outside!

    With the cold weather here, there are certain things that you should be aware of in order to keep your pet safe and happy this winter season!     Outside Housing for Outdoor Pets: Make sure doghouses are not too large.  A correctly sized house will allow your dog to comfortably lie down,


Obesity affects more than your dog’s and cat’s figure, it affects their future.  Recent studies show that nearly 43% of dogs and 35% of cats are overweight or obese. If left untreated our furry family members are more susceptible to a wide range of health problems, like: Diabetes Arthritis and other joint disorders Heart disease


Chocolate contains an ingredient called, Theobromine which is poisonous to dogs and cats in sufficient quantities, (100-150 mg/kg to cause a toxic reaction). The amount of theobromine in chocolate varies depending on the type. Cocoa powder and baking chocolate contain the highest levels, dark chocolate contains less, and milk chocolate contains the least. Clinical signs